Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Conner's first court of honor

Conner had his first court of honor last night! Travis got a badge for attending Scout camp as a leader, and Conner got... drum roll please... 3 rank advancements, tenderfoot, 2nd class, and first class, and 13 merit badges including 4 eagle required! He and his leaders worked very hard this summer. If he keeps up the pace he'll be an eagle scout at 13!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Mormon night at Dodger Stadium

We had a great time at Mormon Night at dodger stadium. Of course, no one brought a camera. Don't think that's ever happened! But it was fun to see M. Russell Ballard throw out the first pitch. We had tickets in the All You Can Eat Pavilion. I had heard the seats were bad but we loved them! We were only 3 rows up from the field and yes, we were out in right field, but we could see great, and players kept throwing their warm up balls out the fans, and there was the constant danger of home run balls hitting you on the head, so that was fun! We definitely got our money's worth! Tickets were $25 each, and those seats are usually $15 without the food. Dodger stadium food is EXPENSIVE. There were 8 of us (us and my mom), and we ate... drumroll, please... 15 dodger dogs, 12 nachos, 6 bags of popcorn, 7 bags of peanuts, 11 bottles of water, and 13 sodas! If you figure everything cost an average of $4 each, which is low I think, we consumed $256 worth of dodger snacks. What a bargain! To top it off we went to get nachos for Preston at the top of the 7th, (they only serve food through the 7th inning), and they were piling all the hot dogs on the counter and the lady gave us a big stack and said "Here... bring these home"! We ended up bringing 16 hot dogs home! Guess what my kids had for breakfast today? Is there such thing as nitrate poisoning? How about sodium poisoning? Anyway... it was a fun night. Too bad we left early with the Dodgers behind, (We had to drive about an hour and a half home, then Travis had to get up at 4 to drive back to LA for work), and we missed the grand slam that won them the game. Just our luck...