Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sick Pillow

Ty came home sick from school today. We're leaving for Texas on Friday. As soon as he started throwing up, I started panicking, and disinfecting. I want him to be comfortable, but I looked at his pillow and thought "What if someone else grabs that pillow later to use before I get a chance to wash it?" I needed to identify it as "the sick pillow" and leave no doubt that it's germy. I drew a picture on it and wrote "get well soon" on the side. Turned out cute and made Ty feel like he got a special present, while protecting the rest of the family.  All it took was an old pillowcase, a google image for inspiration, some sharpies, and about 2 minutes. I'm sure if you did it when your child wasn't actually sick, you could spend more time on it to make it fancier.