Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day at the Beach

We went to Santa Barbara yesterday to pick up Paige and her friend Megan from EFY. Afterwards we went to Goleta Beach to ride the bike trails, which was so much fun. If we lived down there with those trails, and the perfect weather, we'd do that every day. Travis' cousin is here visiting from Kansas, and he's a cyclist, and after we finished riding, and loaded up to drive to Carpinteria to boogie board, he road his bike there. I was skeptical he could get there, but 20 miles later (give or take) he was there, and about the same time that we got there in the car! We spent the rest of the day boogie boarding at what is supposedly the safest beach in the world. There's little or no undertow. The waves were small, but the kids had a ball. I personally prefer bigger waves. The possibility of getting pounded and thrashed around by the waves is exhilerating. :) We saw a school of dolphins and a seal in the morning at Goleta, and that was really neat. I don't remember seeing dolphins in California, much less so close to shore. On the way home we randomly picked a Mexican restaurant off of Travis' GPS. It lists the names of restaurants with no information, so we just picked one. Travis thought "Jim and Rob's Fresh Grill" in Ventura sounded good. I thought a Mexican place with the names Jim and Rob couldn't be too authentic but we went anyway. When we arrived at this little shack of a place, Travis was skeptical I think, but little shacks are usually good. This place was excellent. I plan on finding a reason to back someday. All in all we had a great day. We were in 3 different cars so Travis and Steven stayed so Steven could see the sunset over the water (one of the goals of his trip), and Travis' parents and the kids and I came home earlier. Still, 4 am to 8 pm was a long day. Paige and Megan had to be picked up at 7am and it's about a 2 hour drive. (Ugh!)

You can see more pictures from our trip by clicking on our photo site link to the left.

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