Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Protect Marriage

Well, we went to the Church broadcast tonight, and pretty much re-iterated what we already know, that marriage is ordained of God and that we are compelled to stand for what we know to be right. We are also to understand that tolerance isn't a synonym for condone, rather for love. Just as Jesus Christ loved the sinner while decrying the sin, so should we. We have friends who are gay, and we love them. That won't change. And we aren't trying to take away any of their civil rights or benefits. But marriage is a sacred institution, and is between a man and a woman. Furthermore, tolerance is a two-way street, and we could see a day when people are intolerant of those of us who believe that, which would put our own freedom of religion at risk. That may sound extreme, but it's completely possible. I'm including links to some great information from our Church. Please pass these on to those who are like-minded whether in the Church or not, as well as to those friends who may be undecided. The first is a news release from the Church on where we stand on the issue. The second is a video of a discussion that some young adult students had with Elder David A. Bednar, who holds a leadership position in our Church.

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