Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ty's embarrassing antics...

Well, my mother's always telling me that I need to write down the funny things that my kids do so that I don't forget them, and I am sadly terrible at keeping a journal. So, even though this will be out there for all the world to see, I'm going to go ahead and blog ab0ut it, so at least there's a record somewhere.
First, the other day I was at the scout shop and the man working behind the counter was a nice, but rather stern older fellow. He asked to see my photo i.d. and I told him it was on the back of the card. He said that since I hadn't signed it, he needed to see my driver's license. I explained that I did that on purpose so cashiers would ask, but no one ever did. He explained that he was a retired (general/ seargant/something I don't remember) and that he follows the book. I told him I appreciated that, and then Ty, who had been studying him quite intently loudly said to him "You're weird!" Both the gentleman and myself tried to ignore it, and then he gave Ty the little rubber bracelet I'd bought, and I said "Say thank you, Ty". He just kept staring at the man, and the man looked at him and said very sternly "Your mother said to say thank you!" Well, I thought, no way is Ty going to say a word now. But, very sheepishly Ty said "Thank you." I was relieved for that, but boy was I embarrassed about the "weird" comment!
Then yesterday I was buying spices from the bulk bin at Winco and inhaled some of the stirred up pickling spices in the air, and suddenly felt the need to sneeze really bad. Not wanting to sneeze around the spice bins I started waving my hand in front of my face and said "Whew! I inhaled something! I need to sneeze!" Ty looked at this lady standing next to me, pointed at her, and said (oh I hate to even type this...) "Maybe she farted!" Holy.....cow..... Luckily, the lady had a very good sense of humor and said "Oh no I didn't! Maybe you did!" I apologized and said that he's 3 and still has no clue about what to say when, and she laughed and said boys who are a lot older than him would still say something like that. That'll teach me for not reprimanding my children more at home for saying the "f-word".

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