Tuesday, September 01, 2009

72 hour kit drill

Last night my family did a "72 hour kit drill". We told the kids we needed to evacuate in 10 minutes. We grabbed our kits, sleeping bags, etc. and left for Apollo park to have dinner from our kits. We learned A LOT! First we learned we didn't have utensils in our kit. Oops. Then we learned that much of the food expired a year ago. Oops again! Also, a lot of the food I'd picked for shelf life and for the fact that I thought it would be palatable hot or cold, didn't blend well together when combined as a meal. I guess if we were starving it would be fine. But I think we're going to switch to MRE's. May not taste great, but there will be a longer shelf life at least. If anyone has any suggestions for what the best MRE's are, let me know! Has anyone tried the "bucket o' MRE's" from Costco? Okay, that's not what they call it.
So... what are the pictures all about? Apollo park is located right next to Fox Airfield and we got to watch water dropping helicopters and airplanes take off and land the whole time we were there. Since they're saying it will be 2 weeks before the fire's contained, we may go out another evening and try to get better pictures.

Don't they look thrilled? Actually, we had fun, you just can't tell here...
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Bethany said...

Kim that is awesome. I love how you did that and you were able to see what things you need and stuff you didnt like. I know I dont even have that stuff yet for our family. Makes me want to be prepared.

Debbie Miles said...

I have always wanted to do a drill but also do a drill in the middle of the night and see if the kids really know how to get out. I have never done it though... Sounds like a good family time.