Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Activity

After Church today Paige decided to play a "game" where we each wrote down 10 questions about ourselves, and re-distributed them to each other and the family member who got your questions had to try to answer them to see how well we knew each other. Other family members could help if they got stumped. I was pleased with how well I knew most of the answers about my kids, but actually learned a few things too. The kids had fun as well.
And I never would have taken a picture of this if I weren't blogging a "picture a day"!


Bethany said...

Isnt it crazy how much you get into this. I was thinking the other day sometimes it is just more than one pic. I love that I took this challenge our whole family is into it. Scott always reminds me did you take your picture. So cute! I am glad you took the challenge too!!

Kim said...

It took me a while to actually start once I decided, but hopefully I'll keep up now.