Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Hallway Signs

I copied this fabulous idea from Destiny at .  I get so many comments on them from people who come into my house. I think they're adorable. And I LOVE everything on that blog! Not to mention, she loves everything I love! Her mom, Marshall's, TJMaxx, Ross. We're like "Sisters from another mister". Okay... I don't think that's a real saying, but you get the idea.  I had to turn my wrought iron hanger things on their side and mount them to the ceiling because they wouldn't fit above my doors the other way. That was my mom's genius solution while I was standing there totally disappointed. :) I also handpainted the signs as I don't have a silhouette machine.

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a.k.a happy heart mom said...

Kim - I love those signs! So chic!