Thursday, November 21, 2013

… when you miss your daughters it helps to redecorate.

My last daughter left for college a few months ago, and it's been hard for me sometimes to be the only girl in the house.  So, what was I to do? Redecorate!  It was fun to make the new "guest room" anticipating my girls (and my son in law) to come and be our "guests" and enjoy the newly decorated room.

I loved doing the bee stenciling! I think it turned out pretty great, and it went really well with my Grandmother's headboard. 

The window is from my mother's house, and I thought the diamond pattern went well with the stencil.

There was only problem with the room. Can you see it in the next picture?

No? How about in the next one?

Yep. A hand drawn height chart on the original wall color.  My kids were keeping track of their growth for 13 years on this wall and I couldn't leave it (ugly) but I couldn't paint it over it either.  My solution, which is brilliant if I do say so myself, was to have Lowe's cut a pine board to size, and my hubby put on sunken hinges (that's surely not the proper carpentry term) and we hung it on the wall with a cute little brass latch and I painted it.  I love it! Now we can just never move.

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