Saturday, March 18, 2006

Conner and Preston's first games of the 2006 season!

Great catch...or trying to throw with his glove? We'll never tell!

Well, today was Conner's first coach pitch baseball game of this season, and Preston's first t-ball game ever. They both did great! I was impressed by Preston not "picking daisies" in the outfield. He was actually paying attention to the game and hustling for the ball. Conner hit the ball every time he was up, and never needed to use the tee (that's what they do if they miss too many times). As neither age group keeps score yet, the only way to know who won is by parents' intuition, and of course, I think they both won their games. It was FREEZING cold, so my mom stayed home with Ty during Conner's 8 am game, and Paige stayed home with him during Preston's 12:00 game, (after she played basketball at the Church at 10:00).

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