Saturday, March 04, 2006

Conner's Baptism

Okay, this is new to me, so I'll try again. Conner was baptized today, and it was so nice to have so many friends and family come to witness this special moment. He was so excited. In addition to our family that you see in the picture (from left to right-Don, David, and Madeline Kahmann, David's girlfriend Jeanne,Travis, Jody Kahmann, Traci, Beverly, and Robert Arthur, Kim with Ty, Conner, Preston, Madison, Eric Kahmann, Paige, Rosalie and Bud Harvey, Ethan, Kyla, Margaret, and Skeeter Danforth), there were also our friends from Church, the Owen family, and the Mintey's, Cherilyn Roberts, and Karen Brinck. We were so thankful for everyone who came.

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