Thursday, June 14, 2007

This was a neat picture, where Travis actually stitched together several pictures of the primary kids singing at the Memorial Day breakfast. When I posted it to the blog, it cut some of it off, but you get the idea. Stitching photos works best on stationary objects. Obviously these kids were far from stationary, so it was much harder. If you look carefully you'll see kids with multiple ears and stuff, so it's best not to look carefully. We really enjoy this Memorial Day tradition in our ward. There's always a flag ceremony, a military veteran speaker, and a pancake breakfast. It really makes the day seem special, and more than just a day off of work and school. This year I was asked to go buy my cub scout leader shirt, which I was procrastinating, because they wanted me in "uniform" to offer the closing prayer. Well, I've never spent $54 on a shirt for myself, much less an ugly shirt. That's what it end up costing after all the patches. I better be Cub Scout leader for a long time!

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