Thursday, June 14, 2007

We went camping and motorcycle riding in Kennedy Meadows just before Travis and I went to Idaho. I don't know if I'd call it fun. I think it will be much more fun when Ty's a little older. At one point I looked over at him and he appeared to be doing snow angels in the soft dirt... face down. I'm feeling redundant, as I wrote about this in my camping food column for the newspaper, but most people looking at this blog are from out of town, and won't be reading my column anyway. Honestly, my main motivation on going on this campout to begin with was to get material, and photos, for the column. The pictures turned out pretty good. I've just never been a big nature girl. If the family wants to continue going camping and motorcycle riding for the next several years, maybe my good husband will take pity on me, and let us purchase a toy hauler, complete with beds, bathroom, and kitchenette. Of course, I won't be pushing it too hard because first I want wood floors, and new livingroom furniture. It never ends. Many of you know that I gave up my wood floors for the time being to pay for food storage. I tried to rationalize that in an emergency we could break up the floors for fuel, but that didn't satisfy my conscience. Surely I'll be blessed for my obedience, and get wood floors right? Well, I stray. Ty kept wanting to ride the motorcycles, and finally Travis gave in and gave him a short little ride in front of him on the girls motorcycle right before we left. Wouldn't you know that was when we saw the one and only park ranger that we saw the entire trip. Surprisingly he didn't say anything though. Apparently he could see how slow and careful he was being. I still hope my mom doesn't read this.
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